Saturday, June 12, 2010


dengan nama ALLAH,
huraikan simpulan hati, akal, fikiran dan lidahku.

hidup dan mati itu urusan DIA.
bersedia untuk mati bila-bila.
lengkapkan persediaan untuk dihidupkan semula.


"penantian itu satu penyeksaan."


786; ya ALLAH.

*ya Allah, please forgive me for the wrong i've done
ya Allah, give me another chance to prove that i can pass
please guide me and protect me along the straight path
and i know that i can make it, one day i'll be in heaven with you

brother, brother, (let me tell you) you ain't acting cool
lower your gaze, don't go astray, cuz you're looking like a fool
we all know (human nature) makes us ignorant sometimes
making us do some things we know just ain't right

what's the moral of the story fellaz?

you better watch your back
stay on the right track
don't try to act all wack
cuz it will all come back to you

and all you can say is

(repeat *)

sister, don't your dare cry
cuz girl you know we all fall short sometimes
dust yourself off, stand tall, don't let it get you down
open your eyes to Allah, you'll see the beauty of
all the things that are going your way
hold your head up high, it'll be okay

Allah is merciful, the most forgiving
pray five times a day, and never stop giving
you gotta keep on Qur'an, keep Iman strong
and one day, insh'Allah, you'll be among the stars

for now you better pray girl


what's happening brother, i've got a message for you
there's a little something that i need you to do
see, you've been causing problems since you came my way
and i'm not trying to have that, ain't the way i play
i don't need no influence like you in my world
i'm just trying to live my life - simple and pure
you've been avoiding the Iman, don't even make salat
it's time to beg for some forgiveness from ya Allah

everybody sing it now



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