Friday, September 3, 2010


dengan nama ALLAH,
huraikan simpulan hati, akal, fikiran dan lidahku.

1-2 September 2010
(22-23 ramadhan 1431H)
Iftar Qiyadah Tingkatan Tiga (BANAT).
Circle Of Pearl.

*pictures speak louder than words. :D

thanks a bunch untuk semua pearls yang terlibat+yang tak sempat melibatkan diri.
ku sayang kalian FILLAH

inTeam; stand together.

Here we are living in this world
A journey to the end
We are servants
We bow to Allah
From Him a helping hand

We are different races
From countries far and wide
Together we can face it
Uphold what's pure and right

We can stand and work hand in hand
We're stronger when we unite
Share the words and spread the truth
With Iman Allah's light

In our hearts can't fake it
When Allah's love embraced

Together we can make it
The world a better place

Everything in life

can take everything in stride
Cause we live in this worldly life
Can only try

Every dream we have
We want to have the very best

But we can only face the test
For we can try

And in team we stand
And in team we can
We can make it through the day

We can help each other one another
And in team we should stay

Let us take the guidance from Allah
And Rasulullah

We can face the world
We can make it through the night.


"Allahumma, bersihkan hatiku dari sifat munafiq, pekerjaanku dari sifat riyaa', lidahku dari berbohong, pandanganku dari khianat, kerana ENGKAU Maha Mengetahui apa yang disembunyikan oleh pandangan dan dirahsiakan oleh hati."

from HIM that I came,
to HIM that will I be returned,

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